Rosa damascena   


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Another extremely popular essential oil owing to its aroma, Rose is a symbol of love and purity.  Aside from the beauty of the flower and its fragrance, the vibrant red-colored absolute of Rose has therapeutic properties beneficial to the heart where it can assist in moving sluggish blood, reducing congestion, and toning vessels.  It aids in constricting capillaries and treating tiny broken veins.  

Irregular or painful menstruation or heavy menstrual bleeding may be benefited by Rose’s tonic action on the uterus as it is an astringent and haemostatic.

Skin conditions such as dryness and inflammation, rashes and boils may respond well to Rose Absolute.

Rosa damascena, because of its profoundly sensual aroma, is considered an aphrodisiac.  Symbolically, it is associated with beauty, love, and fertility.  Psychologically, it supports us through rejection, loss and despair, helping us to love again.

Caution:  Best to avoid during pregnancy since it is an emmenagogue.

Sources: Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit by Gabriel Mojay; The Directory of Essential Oils by Wanda Sellar

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