From our humble beginnings in 1991, Cheryl's Herbs has grown into a thriving wholesale-retail-website enterprise, featuring the finest quality Pure Essential Oils and Herbs available and simple products, handmade with love and care. Our founder Cheryl's love of herbs helped many people in the community and all over the world!  She served as president of NAHA, trained many to become herbalist. Now, under new management, we strive to keep Cheryl's memories and dreams alive with providing the same holistic care to the community as she once did. 
Our mission at Cheryl’s Herbs is to make it easier and more convenient for you to have a more natural and healthy lifestyle. We offer something for everyone from pre-mixed prepared products to all of our single ingredients, bottles and jars, for those who wish to make their own preparations. From our huge selection of single ingredients we can also make your own custom blend. We manufacture products for other companies under their label as well. Discover for yourself why so many now consider Cheryl's Herbs to be America's Favorite Herb Store!