• Lobelia inflata  

    Organic / Wild,  USA  

    Distilled Water, Grain Spirits(~22% by Vol.), Vegetable Glycerine,


    (Lobelia inflata)


    “In order to offer the best possible overview of this remedy, I have divided the conditions for which it is remedial into six basic groups:


    Excerpted from: 

    The Book of Herbal Wisdom, Using Plants as Medicines

    By Matthew Wood

    Spasm.  There are different kinds of spasm.  The spasm suited to Lobelia is extremely intense, even life-threatening if the throat, heart, or lungs are involved.  What is characteristic about it is that the muscles tend to ‘torque up.’   The torsion in one muscle spreads to another, and on throughout the whole system, until the entire body is bent out of shape.  As a diffusive, Lobelia ‘equalizes the charge on the muscles.’  It relaxes the entire edifice of torqued muscles so that the whole organism can resolve itself back into place.  In severe cases of some duration, it will be necessary to give the remedy for a while until the entire frame gets relaxed.  This produces an overall feeling of prostration, which, however, is followed by unkinking and unwinding.   

    Suppressed secretions.  The usual symptoms are a slight edema and a doughy skin, from suppression of perspiration.

    Hyper-secretion.  Lobelia is suited to conditions where the ‘periphery collapses’ and there is profuse, continuous sweating, with or without fever.

    Severe inflammation and dehydration.   Lobelia is a remarkable agent in severe fever, where the fluids are drying up, the muscles are affected due to lack of lubrication, and there is tension and heat. 

    Action on the vagus nerve.  Due to this affinity, Lobelia has a relationship to conditions of spasm in the bronchial tubes, diaphragm, and stomach.  It is remedial for some forms of bronchial asthma, bronchitis with wheezing, heartburn, nausea, spasm in the stomach and esophagus, and hiatal hernia. 

    Antidote to tobacco.  Lobelia has been used as an antidote to the tobacco habit.  I have known dozens of people who have used Lobelia to help them quit smoking.  It seems to be an antidote to both the craving and the withdrawal symptoms.  It does not work in all cases and causes unpleasant symptoms in some.  The active ingredient in the herb is lobeline.  ‘A curious cross-tolerance exists between nicotine and lobeline, in which animals tolerant to the former also exhibit tolerance to the latter.  Based on this phenomenon, a suggested use for lobeline is as an aid in breaking the tobacco habit.’ 

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