• This product is Certified Organic

    Crataegus oxyacantha, Organic/wild from USA/Europe

    Use 5-10 drops, 1-2 dropperfuls or as much as a teaspoon
    at a time. Dose frequency could be 1-2 times or several
    times a day as desired. Generally best to start with less
    before increasing dose. For acute situations use larger
    doses more frequently for a few days. For chronic or mild
    conditions or for long-term use, take smaller doses only
    once or twice a day. Inform your health practitioner about
    herbal products you use. Do not use herbal products to
    replace necessary care by a qualified physician.

    Safe to consume when used appropriately. May have a
    potentiating effect with digitalis which may necessitate a
    smaller dosage of digitalis. Consult a physician when
    symptoms continue unchanged for longer than 6 weeks or in
    cases of swelling of the legs. Medical diagnosis is absolutely
    necessary when pains occur in the region of the heart,
    spreading out to the arms, upper abdomen or the area
    around the neck, or in cases of respiratory distress

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