This combination of herbs is supportive of maintaining excellence in learning and work environments.  It helps to promote clear thinking and well-being and is an excellent whole body tonic for modern and demanding lifestyles.

    Use 5 - 15 drops, 1 - 2 dropperfuls, or as much as a teaspoon at a time. Dose frequency could be 1 - 3 times or several times a day as desired. Generally best to start with less before increasing dose. Better results are more likely if taken on a daily basis, but additional doses could be added to the regular routine based on the demands of the day. Dose recommendations are for adults. For a child, adjust the dose according to weight. For example, if a child weighs approximately half what an adult weighs, give half of any of the above dose suggestions.

    Do not use herbal products to replace necessary care by a qualified physician.


    Oat Grass Seed, Avena sativa, organic

    May antagonize the effect of morphine and nicotine.

    Melissa Herb (Lemon Balm), Melissa officinalis, naturally farmed

    May affect thyroid hormone levels and inhibit binding of thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) to TSH receptors.  In large amounts, Melissa is a thyroxin inhibitor.  Avoid with Hashimoto thyroiditis and other hypothyroid conditions.  Large amounts of Melissa may be antagonistic to Synthroid and Levoxyl.

    Hawthorn Leaf, Flower, & Berry, Crataegus oxyacantha, organic/wild crafted

    Doses of cardiac drugs may be reduced by concomitant use of Hawthorn.  Consult a physician when symptoms continue unchanged for longer than 6 weeks or in cases of swelling of the legs.  Medical diagnosis is absolutely necessary when pain occurs in the region of the heart, spreading out to the arms, upper abdomen, or the area around the neck; or in cases of respiratory distress (dyspnea).

    Ginkgo Leaf, Ginkgo biloba, wild crafted

    Avoid if trying to get pregnant. Use with caution during pregnancy particularly around the time of labor. May increase bleeding time. Avoid with blood thinning medication.  Stop use of in advance of and after surgery. Avoid in hemophilia.  Avoid with epilepsy. May cause gastrointestinal disturbance.

    Scullcap Leaf & Flower, Scutellaria lateriflora, organic

    Safe to consume when used appropriately.

    This product is certified organic.

    Any size over 4oz will not have a spray attachment or dropper, it will be a flat top.

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Premium Quality

At Cheryl's Herbs, we strive to provide only the highest quality ingredients. Everything from our selection to how we process each component is done with the utmost care to ensure that the substances' beneficial properties are preserved. Whether it is following ancient methods passed down through the generations or using the latest research, we strive for nothing less than perfection.