Common  Name: Eucalyptus Globus Essential Oil

Botanical Name: Eucalyptus globulus

Production Method: Steam Distilled

Properties and Uses: The primary area of the body where this essential oil is best received is the respiratory system.  The oil is said to be germicidal, anticatarrhal, and an expectorant and said to clear a congestive terrain, opening airways and nasal passages and thereby improving breathing.  

It can also support the genito-urinary system in conditions of cystitis, leucorrhea, and diarrhea.

By helping to dry dampness in the respiratory and genito-urinary systems, Eucalyptus can help create an infection-free environment.

Psychologically, Eucalyptus globulus moves us away from a melancholy state by opening us up, freeing our breath, cooling our emotions, and allowing us to experience the freedom of optimism.

Botanical Safety Information:  Best avoided if suffering high blood pressure or epilepsy.  May be an antidote to homeopathic medicine.

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