Common name: Clary Sage

Botanical Name: Salvia sclarea

Production Method: Steam Distilled

Properties and Uses:

Integumentary system – decreases sweating, toning to skin, treats                    inflammation, eczema, and oily skin and hair problems.

Circulatory system – lowers blood pressure, decreases palpitations related to anxiety and menopausal symptoms.

Respiratory system – relaxes bronchial spasms in asthmatic states and decreases associated anxiety.

Digestive system – Decreases colicky type pain, cramps, and flatulence.

Skeletal muscular system – relieves muscle aches.

Nervous system – produces feeling of euphoria, so helpful for depression.  Also helps to relieve anxiety states, especially those characterized by unclear and unrealistic thought processes (Bataglgia).

Reproductive system – has been referred to as "a woman’s helper” (Valerie Cooksley) and is a key oil for use by women. Actions include: stimulates menstrual periods, eases menstrual cramping, aids hormonal balance, stimulates labor, and decreases symptoms associated with menopause.,

Botanical Safety Information: Clary sage is contraindicated during the first trimester of pregnancy. Use is not recommended in combination with alcohol due to the production of a heightened state of intoxication.  Inhalation of clary sage should be in small amounts to prevent excessive states of euphoria.

Clary sage is generally a safe and non toxic essential oil but may have some possibilities of irritating mucous membranes. This oil illustrates the importance of botanical names and having these on the bottle label. This prevents consumers from falsely assuming that “sage is sage” be it clary, common, or Spanish. In fact, Salvia officinalis, or common sage, is not recommended due to the high content of thujone (a toxic substance). Salvia lavandulaefolla, or Spanish sage, has many aromatherapy uses but is not likely to be that beneficial for concerns related to the reproductive system. It has a different composition from that of clary sage and so will not offer the same benefits - especially for concerns related to the reproductive system.

Clary Sage Essential Oil Profile

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