• Our Cinnamon glycerine extract has lovely aromatics that can be combined in various herbal formulations as a warming component. 

    This extract is so tasty, it tastes like a red hot candy without the sugar! Perfect for fall and winter flavors.

    Cinnamon is a common spice with a rich history of use. Known for its aromatics and warming properties, Cinnamon has been used as a kitchen staple and as a medicine for millennia. 

    Cinnamon is also renowned for its sweet and delicious flavor. It is utilized in countless confectionaries, baked goods, perfumes, cosmetics, beverages, and cordials. Typical preparations of the spice include decoctions, extractions, and as a culinary spice.

    Directions: Take up to 1 tsp. Add to beverages. 

    Glycerin is alcohol-free, sweet and syrup-like by nature so this makes a wonderful addition to sweeten up juice, cocktails/mocktails, hot apple cider, or a warming cup of tea. 


    Organic glycerin, distilled water, Cinnamon bark, Cassia sp



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