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Soothing and relaxing to muscles. Can be used whenever desired or as a preventative.

Use 5-15 drops, 1-2 dropperfuls or as much as a teaspoon at a time. Dose frequency could be 1-3 times or several times a day as desired. Generally best to use large, frequent doses in acute situations. Sometimes when used in advance, results are better. When more comfort is achieved or the situation is less severe, doses can be smaller and less frequent. Do not use herbal products to replace necessary care by a qualified physician.

Herbal information: 

Cramp Bark Viburnum opulus, wild 

Safe to consume when used appropriately.

Chamomile Flower Matricaria recutita, organic

Safe to consume when used appropriately but minor side effects are recorded by several references. Highly concentrated hot tea is noted as emetic. One authority advises against daily use. 

Ginger Root Zingiber officinale, organic

Safe to consume when used appropriately.

Angelica Root Angelica archangelica, organic

Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight and during pregnancy.

Prickly Ash Bark Xanthoxylum americanum, wild

Avoid during pregnancy.

Squaw Vine Herb Mitchella repens, wild

Safe to consume when used appropriately.


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