Burdock Root is a bitter, thus having a stimulating effect on digestion. It is also oily which allows it to assist in the production of bile, in improved activity of the gall bladder, in better absorption of lipids (oils and fats), and in the liver's processing of lipids.  When the body is not properly absorbing lipids, the skin can become dry and scaly; oil glands can become blocked allowing for the creation of acne and boils.  

When the liver does not have enough oil to process for our nutritive support, then we may be compelled to get energy from sugar fixes.  Burdock Root, then, may assist in balancing sugar levels in the body.  Also, the liver processes lipids to create steroids and reproductive hormones and to facilitate their movement through the body.  Thus, Burdock Root supports the body's endocrine system.

Burdock is bear medicine.  Its oiliness is beneficial to the gall bladder and liver and supports digestion and fat metabolism.

SOURCES:  Matthew Wood's The Earthwise Herbal, A Complete Guide to Old World Medicinal Plants.


BURDOCK ROOT, Arctium lappa, organic

Safe to consume when used appropriately.

This herb is certified organic.

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