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Summertime Troubles?


We have a natural solution for that. 

Natural Products to help you be SUMMER READY!

Warmer weather is here to stay. That means it's time to hit the waves and pools, take those family camping trips and have some fun in the sun! Don't let anything get in the way of your summertime vibes - be prepared for anything that comes your way by stocking up on these all natural summer essentials.   


Read on to learn more about herbal solutions for biting bugs, poison ivy, sunburns, and more!


Swimsuit Season Helpers

Cellulite Blend

Cellulite is a condition of the skin that primarily affects women.  The skin where cellulite exists is dimpled and lumpy, hence it's said to look like an orange peel.   


Vein Blend

Unruly veins got you feeling self-conscious? Try this soothing formula, crafted specifically to support healthy veins and capillaries.


After Sun Care

After Sun Blend

Lavender and aloe come together in this skin-loving formula to support skin after too much sun exposure.


Calendula Cream

Sun damaged skin? Soothe it away with Cheryl's Herbs Calendula Cream.



Bugs Be Gone


Summer Soap and Shampoo

This fragrant formula is packed with herbs and essential oils disliked by insects but much loved by people.


Catnip Summer Spray

Ward of biting bugs of all kinds with minty, refreshing catnip and natural essential oils in this popular bug banishing spray.



Itchy, Scratchy Skin

Jewelweed Blend

Jewelweed has been used extensively for poison ivy exposure, but it may also soothe other skin woes such as poison oak, hives, and itchy, painful stings and bites.


Jewelweed Herb Liquid Extract

Jewelweed is most often used topically. But some jewelweed enthusiasts say it helps resolve minor poison ivy irritation from the inside out, or even before the itching starts! 



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