Standardized Oils

QUESTION: What is the difference between standardized and regular lemon verbena?

ANSWER: We offer standardized essential oils sometimes as alternatives for the more expensive oils like Lemon Verbena and especially Melissa. Standardized means the chemical constituents have been altered in various ways. Sometimes these standardized oils are called “Nature Identical”. Sometimes they are altered with natural and chemical constituents. Standardized oils are not desirable for aromatherapy. You want the true essential oil for aromatherapy. We make it very clear in our catalog and on our labels the few we offer that are standardized. We have customers who want to fragrance potpourri and other products which are not really therapeutic and they like to save money on these standardized oils.

I, for one, prefer to not use standardized oils on my skin. Others do and they seem not to experience any negative results from this. Many different chemical fragrances are used in common body care products like hand lotion, for instance. These products are widely used by the public. Standardized essential oils may or may not include chemical additives and compared to the totally synthetic fragrances used in common hand lotions, standardized oils are still much better!!

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