Women spraying herself with Yarrow Hydrosol after a workout that refreshes



A hydrosol is a byproduct resulting from aromatic distillation of plant material.  This distillation creates two therapeutic products, essential oils and hydrosols.  The essential oil represents the oil-soluble constituents of a plant; the hydrosol represents the water-soluble constituents of a plant. 

As a gentler, more skin-friendly product, a hydrosol may be sprayed directly on the skin and can have many applications in that regard from toning facial skin and refreshing the body overall, to cooling over-heated areas (such as sunburns) and helping to disinfect wounds.

Whereas our essential oils have an extremely concentrated chemistry and are not recommended for internal use, our hydrosols are safe to consume.

Overall, our hydrosols may be used for skin and hair care, to cool down body temperature, as a deodorant, as first aid, and to balance mood.  They are appropriate for household cleaning and for use in beverages and cooking.  They are safe for babies, children, and pets.

Being light in aroma, a hydrosol doesn't lend itself to being used as perfume, but keeping company with your hydrosol throughout the day allows for periodically restoring oneself physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Well-loved for supporting the body’s natural repair processes, our Yarrow Hydrosol has a sweet, floral, herbal fragrance (and a slightly medicinal taste). It’s an important hydrosol for soothing urgent skin issues and purifying against potential health threats. Yarrow Hydrosol can also help quiet mental and emotional distress, making it a versatile addition to a natural care kit.

Some specific applications for Yarrow Hydrosol include wounds, hemorrhoids, acne, eczema, psoriasis, and fever.  




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