Summer Favorites & Must Haves!

It's important to stay cool in these warm months. Remembering to stay hydrated is the single most important thing one can do to stay healthy and active when the sun is beating down. What else? Well…



Peppermint Hydrosol can make a great spray for the face and body with it's cooling minty feel and scent. Just a few sprays and you'll feel refreshed and chilled out! Peppermint also makes for a wonderful insect repellant! There's no need to worry about getting the hydrosol in your eyes or skin because it is the water by-product. That wonderful smell with no alcohol or concentrated essential oils and no irritation!

Peppermint Leaf Tea makes for a delicious way to stay hydrated while adding a bit of excitement. The mint flavor is especially nice in the warmer months. Don't like peppermint? No worries! Wintergreen and Spearmint are also very nice for the same purposes! If you so happen to have some herbs growing in your garden. Don't be afraid to make tea from the fresh herb! Our Production Kitchen Manager Maria has a wonderful write up here on how to do so. 



Don't let the summer protect end there! Our Summer Soap & Shampoo is chock full ingredients to help stave off insects and provide a refreshing and clean smell! It makes for a wonderful soap and shampoo for the shower or can even be used to wash laundry or dishes! Wonderful choice especially if you're out camping! Only one shampoo needed for all your purposes!


We've shown you all these products that help in repelling insects but what about the reigning king? Catnip Summer Spray is a mix of the most effective insect repelling oils based in a lovely rosemary hydrosol. Much easier on the nose than any store brand insect repellant while still staying powerful to drive off those critters. (The neighborhood cats may also take a liking to you.) 



That heat has to come from somewhere, the sun! Which is also beating down on us constantly with UV exposure. Protect your skin while your out and about with our Skin Protection LotionMade to be a complete block to the sun! Already have a bit of sun exposure and want to help get that burn out of your life? Try the After Sun Blend to soothe and support sun exposed skin after the fact or before!

Stay cool! Stay hydrated!

Best wishes for your 2016 summer from everyone here at Cheryl's Herbs!



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