Sinus Tea is useful for upper respiratory infections and allergies.  Soothing, cooling, and decongesting, it makes a welcoming cup of tea for relief from headache, earache, stuffy nose, post nasal drip, dry cough, and sore throat. 

Marshmallow Root - is a mucilaginous herb which means it is softening, moistening, and anti-inflammatory providing a cooling effect upon dry, irritated tissue.

Mullein Flower -  Soothes irritated tissue and dry cough.

Thyme Leaf -  thins excess mucus and also helps remove old, stuck mucus.

Lavender Flower - decongesting and cleansing.  Helpful with headache.

Plantain Leaf - also softening and moistening.  Beneficial for irritated tissue, sore throat, and dry cough.

Rosemary Leaf - is mucolytic, meaning it helps thin mucus allowing for better elimination of it.

Elder Flower - helps relieve congestion and post nasal drip.

Peppermint Leaf - assists with colds and fever.

SOURCES:  Matthew Wood's The Earthwise Herbal, A Complete Guide to Old World Medicinal Plants, Matthew Wood's The Earthwise Herbal, A Complete Guide to New World Medicinal Plants


Marshmallow Root, Althaea officinalis, organic

Take with additional water. Medication should be taken one hour before or several hours after consumption of Marshmallow root.

Mullein Flower, Verbascum thapsus, organic

Safe to consume when used appropriately.

Thyme Leaf, Thymus vulgaris, organic

Avoid during pregnancy.  

Lavender Flower, Lavandula angustifolia / x intermedia, organic

One study indicated Lavender Flower stimulated uterine contractions in isolated pregnant animal uteruses.  According to one botanical safety source, no other information on the safety of Lavender Flower in pregnancy has been identified.

Plantain Leaf, Plantago major, organic

Safe to consume when used appropriately.

Rosemary Leaf, Rosmarinus officinalis, organic

Avoid during pregnancy.  Use with caution if diabetic and monitor blood sugar levels.  Avoid with blood thinning medication.  Avoid with low blood pressure. Ingestion of a phenolic-rich extract of Rosemary leaf reduced absorption of non-heme iron.  

Elder Flower, Sambucus nigra/canadensis, organic

Safe to consume when used appropriately.

Peppermint Leaf, Mentha piperita, organic

Avoid during pregnancy. Avoid with gastroesophageal reflux or with a hiatal hernia.  Avoid with significant gastrointestinal inflammation or gastrointestinal ulcers.  Co-administration of iron-fortified bread and Peppermint leaf tea reduced absorption of the iron by 84%.

This product is certified organic.

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