Scientific study finds Rosemary boosts memory by up to 15%

"English folklore advises slipping rosemary into the pocket of an errant lover to help them remember their vows, while Ophelia confirmed the herb is ‘for remembrance’ in Shakespeare’s Hamlet.


Now scientists have shown that the plant really is linked to better memory."


We've always loved our rosemary for concentration and memory but to see it receiving some love in a scientific study is wonderful!

To test whether it had an impact on older people, the researchers randomly allocated 150 pensioners to a room scented with rosemary, lavender or no aroma. They were then asked to pass on a message at a given time during the procedure, and to swap tasks at a specific time, to test their memory.


Those in the rosemary room were found to perform far better on the memory tests than the other two.

Post-graduate student Lauren Bussey said: “This is the first time that similar effects have been demonstrated in the healthy over 65’s. Further investigation is required to understand the potential benefits of these aromas throughout the life span.”

A separate experiment by the same team, also found the peppermint tea could boost memory.


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