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Our Red Clover Blossom Glycerin Extract is not only pleasantly sweet-tasting but offers a benefit particular to the wintry time of year.  It is a soothing, moistening demulcent herb offering support for conditions of dryness such as dehydration, dry mouth, nose, and throat, dry cough, and sore throat.  And yet, this demulcent effect extends to the urinary system (irritation, cloudy and dark urine, infections, and deposits) and to the bowel (constipation).

Topically, Red Clover Blossom Glycerin Extract helps with eczema, sores, ulcers, burns, stings, and bites.  The thick, syrupy consistency of vegetable glycerin is ointment-like, making topical application of this extract easy and effective.  Additionally, vegetable glycerin itself is a humectant, helping to retain moisture.  So, using Red Clover Blossom in glycerin extract form adds to this herb's soothing, moisturizing quality.

SOURCES:  Peter Holmes' The Energetics of Western Herbs


Red Clover Blossom, Trifolium pratense, organic

Avoid during pregnancy.  Red Clover Blossom contains isoflavones, compounds that are structurally similar to the human hormone estradiol and capable of binding to estrogen receptors.  Some studies have indicated that Red Clover Blossom isoflavones have a greater affinity for the estrogen receptor Beta (found primarily in bone, brain, heart, and the vascular system) than estrogen receptor Alpha (found primarily in uterus, breast, ovaries, and adrenal glands).


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