Maria’s Fall Product Spotlight

A small collection of products that our Production Manager, Maria Roderick and our employees hold as their must have during the changing of the seasons.


Season Necessities shelf at Cheryl’s Herbs

Focus Liquid Extract Combo

Useful for students getting back in the swing of things at school. This formula is supportive for maintaining excellence in school and work environments. The herbs in this formula may help promote clear thinking and well-being. Excellent whole body tonic for modern and demanding lifestyles.

California Poppy Liquid Extract

As the days get shorter and the holidays approach many people suffer stress and sleep disruptions. California Poppy is commonly used for insomnia, anxiety, and sensitivity to weather and seasonal changes.

Comfrey Balm

Our Comfrey Balm is a very popular balm for healing dry, damaged skin. This product is an excellent choice for superficial burns, diaper rash, cracked hands and heels, and dry skin and lips. Not to be used on open wounds.

Paw Gep’s Hand Sanitizer

Keep germs at bay with regular use of a hand sanitizer. It’ll keep your hands clean without drying them out or leaving a strong alcohol smell.

Jewelweed Blend & Jewelweed Soap and Shampoo

With the cooler temperatures and falling leaves comes more time outdoors and yard work.  Both of which poss the risk of exposure to poison ivy as well as other possible skin irritants.  Jewelweed, historically, has been used for Poison Ivy exposure. It’s soothing qualities are helpful for maintaining healthy skin year-round.

Clean Spray

A wonderful room spray that acts as a disinfectant and deodorizer, a few spritz and you’ll notice a major defeat of any foul odor in the room.

Vinegar Combination (ACETUM)

With the change of season comes many factors that can tax ones immune system.  Prepare for the cold and flu season now with this delicious variation on an old favorite among herbalists.  It can be an interesting and spicy addition to soups, salad dressing or taken as is.

Astragalus Root Liquid Extract & Lapacho Bark Extract Powder

These are both  great herbs that are used to enhance the immune system.  Lapacho Bark  extract powder is especially convienient to use any time any where. Just dissolve some in warm or cold water and it is ready to use.

Sinus Tea

Supportive to the upper respiratory system and enhances the body’s natural defenses. This formula is commonly used in acute or chronic conditions.

L Soap & Shampoo

A great soap and shampoo for the cooling down seasons in which insects and bugs are looking for warm places to stay. Plenty of insect repellent oils in this product.

Neem Oil

Used for years as a pesticide, Neem Oil is great for animals who may have ear-mites or are dealing with fleas and pests.

Floor Powder

A great product to keep the insects at bay and out of your house.  Borax, Neem, and Diatamaceous Earth all work together well to make sure pests are being dealt with on all fronts.

Paw Gep’s Ozark Skin Tonic

Light enough for the face without being too greasy, this natural moisturizer leaves the skin feeling silky smooth. The appealing, subtle fragrance makes it attractive to men and women as a  hand and body lotion as well. The herbal, skin regenerating ingredients are wonderful for preserving the beauty of the skin. Great to protect skin during the changing temperatures that leave many suffering with dry skin.

Dry Skin Bath Herbs

What’s better than a nice bath scented with bath herbs! Keep your skin nourished with these moisturizing and wonderful herbs!

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