Neem Household Surface Spray (2% Neem CO2 Essential Oil)

Combine Neem CO2 Essential Oil with water in a spray bottle. Spray bottles with a large output spray top are more convenient to cover larger areas at a time.

Essential oils and water do not stay mixed and actually separate dramatically fast.

Shake well before spraying. Shake frequently during continuous spraying.

Spray floors, bedding, pet areas and lightly spray furniture. Test small areas of furniture first to make sure discoloration is not a problem. This is not likely to be a problem but better to be safe rather than sorry.

Not recommended for direct application to pet.

Depending on your problem try spraying once a week. Increase frequently if needed.

Amount of essential oil: Add 12 drops Neem CO2 Essential Oil to every 1 oz of water used. Due to varying size drops from various bottles consider the following: If using eye droppers add 24 drops. If using Cheryl’s Herbs essential oil bottles add 42 drops.

Instead of counting drops, measuring spoons can be used for adding essential oil to water: ¼ teaspoon essential oil in 2 oz water, ½ teaspoon in 4 oz water or 1 teaspoon in 8 oz water.

If you need more convenience try Cheryl’s Herbs Neem Surface Spray Concentrate.

Enjoy the ease of combining 1 part of this concentrate to 3 parts water.

For example: 1 oz concentrate to 3 oz water in a 4 oz spray bottle (1 oz = 2 Tablespoons) 2 oz concentrate to 6 oz water in an 8 oz spray bottle 4 oz concentrate to 12 oz water in a 16 oz spray bottle

You will still need to shake frequently when spraying as described above.

Dusting Floors & Pet Areas With Powders

Diatomaceous Earth, Borax, Neem Leaf powder can be used singly or combined together.

Ideas of where they can be used are: carpet, hardwood, tile floors in the house, basement and garage floors and dog & cat bedding.

For best results a fine dusting of powder should be applied. Avoid making piles or lines with a powder because some larger insects will find alternate routes and avoid coming into contact with the powder.

Take care to minimize inhalation when applying to floors.

Consider ventilating the room or wearing a mask.

Reapply powders after sweeping or vacuuming.

For the best and easiest application use a Spritzer (Garden Duster/Sprayer) which is a simple plastic tube device that produces a fine mist or cloud of powder to be gently applied to a surface in your house or garden. The long tube makes it possible to apply powder underneath furniture and hard to reach places.

Cheryl’s Herbs sells all the above items for your convenience. We also offer a special blend of the three powders mixed together called Cheryl’s Herbs Floor Powder

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