Herbal Survival Guide: Winter

A small collection of recipes, articles, and products to make this winter an easier experience on us all.


Strategies for Supporting the Immune System 

"  We encounter harmful germs and bacteria on a daily basis. It’s
important, as the cold and flu season is upon us, to understand how we
can boost our immune systems in order to prevent becoming sick. "


Strategies for Respiratory Health During Cold and Flu Season

" Getting acquainted with the energetics of  food, essential oils, acupoints and common herbal beverage teas can be a great way to assist these formulas. These measures can help in giving ease once you have an idea of the nature of your lung ailment. "


WINTER HERBAL SOUP – FENUGREEK & ASTRAGALUS Sweet Sour Flavor with Barley & Adzuki Beans 


WINTER HERBAL SOUP – HERBS DE PROVENCE FLAVOR Tomato based with Barley and Black Beans


Echinacea Goldenseal Liquid Extract Combination

Echinacea, also known as the Cone Flower, pairs wonderfully with Goldenseal in this Liquid Extract Combo. Echinacea finds use in reducing inflammation, relieving pain, and boosting the immune system. Goldenseal is used for many of the same things but also in helping with digestion, soothing upset stomachs, and strengthening the immune system. 
More Echinacea Goldenseal L.E Combo related products:
Echinacea Liquid Extract


Lapacho (Pau D'arco) Liquid Extract

A personal favorite by employees here at Cheryl's Herbs. Lapacho is an herb that boosts the immune system, as well as helping to clear up parasitic diseases and bacterial infects. It's also seen use in treating flu symptoms.
More Lapacho related products: 
Lapacho (Pau D'arco) Bark Cut
Lapacho (Pau D'arco) Bark Extract Powder
Lapacho (Pau D'arco) Extract Capsules


Astragalus Liquid Extract

A wonderful  herb for a plethora of ailments. Astragulas acts as an adaptogen to protect the body from stress and disease. A great safeguard against seasonal allergies and an active defense against cold and influenza.
More Astragalus related products:
Astragalus Root Sliced/Cut


Elderberry Whole

Used to reduce congestion and induce sweating, Elderberry makes a great treatment for colds and flus; Also seeing use in the treatment of Sinus Infections, Elderberry is hard to pass up when your feeling sick. Makes a wonderfully tea that's healing and nutritious. 
More Elderberry related products:
Elderberry Glycerin Liquid Extract
Respiratory Syrup
Cheryl's Tea


Immunity Mixture 

 A wonderful recipe put together to boost and protect the immune system. Immunity Mixture, previously known as TH mixture, has Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon Leaf, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary Essential Oil.
More Immunity Mixture related products:
Clove Essential Oil
Lemon Essential Oil
Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil
Eucalyptus (Globulus) Essential Oil
Rosemary (Cineole) Essential Oil


Respiratory Tea & Respiratory Spray

 Respiratory Tea contains many herbs used in soothing the respiratory system as well as fight off infection. Respiratory Spray comes right in hand with the ability to disinfect, support respiratory health, and helping to focus and concentrate. Two products that make a great duo.
More Respiratory Tea/Spray related products:
Ravintsara Essential Oil
Hyssop Essential Oil
Peppermint Leaf cut
Thyme Leaf cut















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