Fall Favorites and Must Haves!

The leaves are changing and it's getting a tad bit chillier! Fall is here! Keep your nose clear, your allergies at bay, and warm tea in your cup! We've crafted a list of some must have herbs and products for this Fall season! 


Lapacho Liquid Extract is a convenient and safe way to boost your immune system as the temperature drops and colds become more common. Don't get caught without a bottle when sneezes start near you! Also comes as an Extract Powder, Cut Bark, and Capsules.

Do not use while pregnant.





Another wonderful immune boosting herb to keep handy this fall season is Astragalus! A famous herb of Traditional Chinese Medicine, great for boosting white blood cell immune activity, antibody levels, and digestion as well. It can be prepared as a tea by using the Astragalus Cut/Sliced Root and is also offered as a Astragalus Liquid Extract.





It seems like everyone we know is dealing with some form of allergies. Normally our first suggestion is an herb that has been used for ages as an anti-histamine and to treat muscle/join pain. Nettle Leaf makes for an extremely nutritious tea, or if convenience calls, the Nettle Leaf, Root, and Seed Liquid Extract can make for a easy alternative.





The darker the berry the better! Be prepared for the flu, and colds by remembering to stock up on your Elderberries now! Also offered as a Elder Berry Vegetable Glycerin Extract (No Alcohol makes it wonderful for kids) and as a main ingredient in our Respiratory Syrup



Don't neglect your sinuses as the weather changes! Our Sinus Mixture is a great way to keep your sinuses open and clear as the humidity in the air lessens. A great oil to diffuse in the air during the fall season. We have a Sinus Tea packed full of amazing herbs to nourish the respiratory system and keep it in tip-top shape. The Sinus Liquid Extract Combination is another easy and convenient way to make sure you're getting the herbs you need without having to make a tea!



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