Abigail Hollis

Retail Lead

Abigail is originally from Memphis, TN. She has a master’s degree in Social Psychology from the University of Missouri and a certificate in Community Herbalism from the Herbal Medicine for the Soul program (through Iwilla Remedy). She is currently studying Clinical Herbalism.

Alex Payne

Production Manager

Alex Queathem Payne is an herbalist and educator. She the production manager at Cheryl’s Herb Shop in St. Louis, Missouri. Her and her husband co-founded Tending the Wildflowers Botanical Sanctuary recognized through the United Plant Savers Botanical Sanctuary Network. They offer various programs and classes and grow a myriad of medicinal herbs, native and at-risk plants, and are beekeepers. Alex attended the three year program through the Columbines School of Botanical Studies. In 2016 she became the administrator for the school proceeded through teaching training and became an instructor for the school. Alex is passionate to inspire others on Earth Stewardship and how to to live a natural and sustainable life.