Herbal Information Sheet: Scullcap


(Scutellaria lateriflora)


Excerpted from:

The Earthwise Herbal, A Complete Guide to New World Medicinal Plants

By Matthew Wood

“Skullcap is ‘a sure treatment for almost any nervous system malfunction of a mild or chronic nature, from insomnia to fear to nervous or sick headaches, and as a basic palliative-restorative when pasturing out from stress.’

 “It ‘soothes and quiets the irritability of the nervous system, giving tone and regularity of action, lessens cerebral excitement, abates delirium, diminishes febrile excitement, excites diaphoresis and diuresis, and accomplishes its work without any subsequent unpleasant reactions.’

“Skullcap ‘is the perfect nervine.  It doesn’t drag on the rest of the system, good for all formulas.  Good for overthinkers.’


SPECIFIC INDICATIONS:  Lack of resistance to stimulation, headaches after stimulating meetings and events (take beforehand as a preventative); oversensitivity:  too bright, too colorful, too intense; nervous fear, anticipation; restlessness, irritability, wakefulness, fever, digestive constriction; high fever affecting the mental and nervous processes, delirium; restorative after fever and influenza have left the nervous system and circulation out of order; sunstroke; twitchy muscles, twitching during sleep; hysteria with inability to control the voluntary muscles, nervousness manifesting in muscular action; convulsions, tremors, delirium tremens.” 


Excerpted from:

Elementary Treatise in Herbology and Advanced Treatise in Herbology

By Dr. Edward E. Shook

 “It is one of our best nervines, feeding and calming the nerves, brain and spinal cord and is most remarkable for its effect in spasmodic conditions, such as chorea, epilepsy, shaking of the limbs.  It is a most reliable nerve sedative for highly excitable children and adults with a natural tendency toward hysterical episodes.  For nervous and excitable women of a more or less neurotic temperament, there is no remedy in nature to compare with it.  For insomnia and sleeplessness, it has proved to be a merciful and reliable remedy.  Skullcap is a slow working, but sure remedy for practically all nervous affections, but it must be taken regularly for a long period, to be of permanent benefit.”


Excerpted from:

The Herbal Handbook, A User’s Guide to Medical Herbalism

By David Hoffmann

 “Skullcap is perhaps the most widely relevant nervine available to us in the materia medica.  It relaxes states of nervous tension while at the same time renewing and revivifying the central nervous system.  This makes it of value wherever there is stress, anxiety or tension.  It may be used with complete safety and confidence in all exhausted and depressed conditions.  It is often found to be rapidly effective as well as safe in the easing of pre-menstrual tension.”



Skullcap cut

Skullcap Leaf & Flower liquid extract


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