by Jeffrey S. Hoard   Common Name: Anise, Anise Seed, Aniseed Latin Binomial: Pimpinella anisum Family: Apiaceae (Umbelliferae) Other Common Names: Anisum officinalis, Anisum vulgare Part Used: Seeds, dried and crushed. Production Method: Steam distillation. Countries of Origin: Native to the eastern Mediterranean region and Southwest Asia. Poland and Russia are among the largest producers of Aniseed oil from locally […]

The area of Aromatherapy is concerned with the (human) inhalation and bodily application of essential oils. The tools of aromatherapy are essential oils and hydrosols, which are hopefully used to achieve the potential goals of good physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and balance. Essential oils are obtained by a process called distillation, whereby selected […]

by   Laurel Redmon     Aromatherapy is one of the most exciting and burgeoning modes of herbalism today. It strikes me as a truly global discipline, different parts of the world contributing varied uses and methods of application for essential oils.   Arriving at the study of aromatherapy by way of herbalism, I have […]

by Cheryl Hoard   On this subject I feel compelled to speak from my own perspective. My husband is teasing me at this moment, suggesting I write an article about the stress of writing an article about stress. At times in my life I have taken on quite a lot of responsibilities resulting in huge […]

By   Cheryl Hoard     There are so many things to which we can become addicted. As is often the case with a natural approach, the same herbs and essential oils can be helpful for the various difficult moments associated with recovery from all kinds of addictions. Addictions to cigarettes, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, unhealthy […]

by Cheryl Hoard   There are a lot of us allergy sufferers out there! An estimated 30 million in this country deal with hay fever. Another 12 million experience allergies to food, drugs and bee stings. Other conditions like asthma and eczema are sometimes linked to allergies. We tend to blame dust, mold, pollen and […]