Plants of the Bible


by Cheryl Hoard   The story of the plants of Biblical lands is better understood when we appreciate what a significant region this has been since before the earliest written record. This area, known as the Fertile Crescent is the meeting point of the African, Asian, and European continents and has commanded a huge role […]



Herbal Safety Information        Herbs can be a part of your life in many ways. Reading books is an excellent beginning to learning the rich history of herbal usage throughout different cultures and civilizations. Many people enjoy reading about lighter, household usage which includes gardening, cooking, holiday traditions and creating atmosphere. Herbs can […]



QUESTION: Is there a way to treat rhinitis in a 6-year old with herbs? ANSWER: There are herbal ways to deal with rhinitis and allergies. There are herbs that are specific for respiratory complaints which can be effective and safe for a 6 year old to use. We have found that what seems to help […]

QUESTION: I was recently diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome. The doctors are busy writing me prescriptions that I don’t want to take, however I do wish to care for my health. I am a novice at herbal remedies and need your advice. What can I take for irritation & spasm of the bowel? I would […]

by Ingrid Petres   We encounter harmful germs and bacteria on a daily basis. It’s important, as the cold and flu season is upon us, to understand how we can boost our immune systems in order to prevent becoming sick.  General lifestyle changes to help maintain a healthy immune system: Wash your hands frequently Buy a […]

by   Jeff & Cheryl Hoard     "It is from nature that the disease arises and from nature comes the cure, not from the physician."  – Paracelsus [1493?-1541]     In 1922, a Canadian nurse, Rene M. Caisse met an elderly woman who had some 20 years prior been successfully treated for breast cancer by […]

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