If I Found Myself in a Serious Health Situation



Cheryl Hoard



If I found myself in a serious health situation, I would make changes in my life. I believe the more change one makes, the more chance there is to do well. How many changes you make will depend on how important it is to you and how much effort you are willing to invest in yourself to do well. Since some changes are more difficult than others, like dietary adjustments and adding new activities, it’s important to consider and accept the possibility of you experiencing happiness with these changes. Fully accept the possibility that you can be happy with other things that could take the place of, for example, a favorite food item or activity that would be prudent from which to refrain.


It would be a time of great acceptance of many things. After acceptance, if an open, positive attitude is practiced or cultivated, comfort and serenity can be experienced. Your results are often in direct proportion to your efforts. Disciplined practice is what it takes for many to achieve certain skills. Having an open and positive mind is something that many people have to regularly practice, like a physical activity, to achieve.


My expertise is herbalism so I would utilize many remedies from present and historical medical herbalism. I would also make other lifestyle changes as well. Herbalism works better within a holistic approach to health. Holistic means the integration of body, mind & spirit or thinking of the body as a whole. An illness is then thought of in terms of the whole person, not just an organ or area in the body.


I would read many books on holistic health. Sometimes we find ourselves in the position of being the only one to help ourselves. I would also read about the use of herbs and seriously create a program of remedies to begin immediately. Use common sense with your approach to herbs and whenever in doubt, gain more knowledge. Plants were powerful medicines long before there were drugs. But we must remember that just because something is natural doesn’t mean it is safe in every situation.


A simple but very good start would be a ready-made preparation of a famous formula with historical use, like the essiac formula or others. It is good to know that there are several formulas famous for great healing besides essiac. Essiac is very popular now and seems to be for good reason. Its effectiveness has spread by word of mouth (and a little in print) at a rapid rate in recent years. People experience mild to complete success with this remedy. For some it alleviates some or all side effects of chemotherapy or radiation. It relieves pain for some at the end of their time and for others it has helped to gain a full recovery. Everybody is different. Word of its success has been spread by the people who have used it, not so much by manufacturers of this remedy.


There are many single herbs and combinations for each specific type of illness. Learn the various methods of preparing and using herbs to be able to use them in the most effective ways for you in particular. There is a lot to learn about their actions in relation to your condition. Your doctor will be the expert on your condition. Upon learning of the action of an herb or combination, ask your doctor what their opinion would be if you would begin this gentle course of action in your condition. If an herb increases circulation to a certain area, for example, ask your doctor about the usefulness or possible harm of this action. Some herbs should be avoided during treatments with certain drugs like blood thinners and photosensitizing medications. When in doubt, gain more knowledge.


Visualize the herbs working for you and visualize the diseased area of your body in the condition of perfect health. Learn anatomy and imagine healthy pink tissue or whatever is correct and perfect for the particular part of your body you are trying to help. You can find many books to instruct you in this skill.


I would practice the breathing exercises and instructions for healing the body with the breath, given in the book, Science of Breath by Yogi Ramacharaka. It teaches how to send healing energy to certain areas of your body, which can be an extremely powerful healing technique. As your breathing improves you will notice your posture changing for the better. Practice and cultivate good posture.  Visualization, healthy breathing and improved posture all contribute to positive thinking.


You won’t hear much about poultices and compresses in the health food stores, from many of the natural health practitioners and in current publications but I most definitely would utilize these kinds of external uses of herbs. If you take herbs internally and effectively use them externally at the same time, I believe where they meet in the middle, healing takes place. Castor Oil packs are used very effectively. Sometimes the greasiness of the pack or the area of the body needing attention is awkward and other herbal poultices are very appropriate. The smell and warmth of the herbal mash used as a poultice can be a pleasant experience. Herbal poultices were a very powerful and extremely effective use of herbs before there was sterilized surgery. I wouldn’t dismiss their effectiveness. In fact, their effectiveness would be supremely enhanced if you practiced visualization and your healing breath during the poultice treatment. Because they need to be done regularly, it would be nice if you had someone to help you prepare and clean up the poultices.


Also utilize other methods to enhance health like massage therapy, aromatherapy, acupuncture, reiki, kinesiology, to name just a few of the many choices.


Reading about any of these topics as well as studying herbalism is inspirational in itself. I find I am motivated to eat a certain way, with greater satisfaction, when I spend more time reading herb books. I am more likely to go and make myself a cup of tea. Drinking tea is a very important aspect of herbalism. Sometimes the lowly cup of tea, compared to products of high powered potencies manufactured with technology, is astoundingly effective. Always drink healthy teas and of course plenty of purified or distilled water.


Read about other peoples’ successes. Read inspirational material whenever possible. There are many supportive newsletters and groups in which to be involved.


Do what is best for you and believe you can have what you want and need.

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