Essential Oil Profile: Orange

by Amelia E. Stone, RN


Common Name: Orange

Latin Binomial: Citrus sinensis L.

Family: Rutaceae

Other Common Names: Sweet Orange

Production Method: cold pressed, expession

Countries of Origin: Mexico

Typical Constituents: [+]-Limonene (93.2-94.9%), b-Myrcene (2.6-3.1%), α-Pinene (0.6-1.0%)

Description of Oil: pale yellow or colorless, sweet, light fruity scent

Description of Plant: An evergreen tree with glossy dark green leaves and fragrant white flowers.  The fruit has a sweet pulp and non-bitter membranes.

History, Folklore and Myth: Long held as a symbol of innocence and fertility.  Greek mythology refers to the Orange as a ‘golden apple’.

Properties and Uses: antidepressant, antiseptic, antispasmodic, aperitif, carminative, digestive, febrifuge, nervine, uplifting

Precautions and Contraindications: Skin sensitization if oxidized

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