Neem Seed CO2 Essential Oil Soap/Shampoo Treatment:

Add ½ teaspoon Neem Seed CO2 Essential Oil to every 1 oz of Cheryl’s Herbs Summer Soap/Shampoo or Cheryl’s Herbs Soap/Shampoo Base or any Cheryl’s Herbs Soap/Shampoos. Our Summer Soap/Shampoo makes an excellent choice because these herbs and essential oils are well known for their insect repellent action.

Shake well before using

Lather well and continue rubbing. Work into hair, scalp or skin for a few minutes. Work the lather for a longer period of time than normal shampooing. Rinse as usual.


Neem Leaf Extract for Hair, Scalp and Skin

Pure, undiluted Neem Leaf Extract can be applied directly to hair, scalp or skin but it is a water-thin liquid and you may find it cost prohibitive to use undiluted to cover large areas.

Neem Leaf Extract and Aloe Vera Gel mixed together half & half makes quite a nice product. Combine both in a plastic squeeze bottle, shake well to mix and apply thickly to any area needed.

Leave on to penetrate for as long as possible before washing off. Applying before bedtime is a great option.


Neem Leaf Tea Rinse

Make eight cups of tea or more to cover a head of hair; amounts vary according to length and thickness of hair and size of pet.


2 – 4 heaping tablespoons Neem Leaf cut for every cup of water used

Combine the herbs with water that has just boiled. Cover and let steep several hours or overnight.


The next step is most easily done in a bathtub.

Bring the container of tea and a large bowl into the bathtub. Pour the tea over the head so as to completely rinse the scalp and entire length of hair. Position the large bowl under the head so that the bowl collects the tea. Submerge head into tea that has collected into the bowl and soak for a minute or longer for stronger effect. Repeat this last step several times in order to fully treat the head and hair. Adapt these instructions the best you can for using the tea rinse on a pet.

Do not rinse the hair with water. Leave the tea on the hair and towel dry.

The tea may stain a light colored towel.


Neem Leaf Powder For Pets

Dust your pet’s coat with Neem Leaf Powder in the same manner as applying commercial flea powders.


Neem Seed Oil (cold pressed, vegetable oil) Skin & Scalp Treatment

Neem oil becomes solid in cooler temperatures. It may be necessary to gently heat oil to liquefy.

Please note Neem Seed Oil is gentle, soothing and healing to the skin & scalp.

Neem Seed Oil has a strong food-like odor. If desired essential oils can be added for a more pleasant product.


Apply as frequently and as liberally as desired. Rub in and let the oil penetrate the skin for as long as possible before washing off. Applying before bedtime is a great option.

If you make your own skin care products Neem Oil can be an ingredient to creams, lotions and other skin care items.

Scalp & Hair:

Massage oil into scalp.

Divide hair into sections and pull the oil down the hair shaft one section at a time till the entire head of hair is coated.

Cover the head with a shower cap or plastic bag.

Leave on several hours or over night

Apply shampoo and lather before rinsing. This procedure may be repeated several times as necessary to rid the hair of the oily residue.


Cheryl’s Herbs Catnip Summer Spray would be ideal to spray in the hair on a regular basis especially on children before going to school or playing with other kids. Other potentialCheryl’s Herbs sprays include Clean Spray, Lemony Spray & Respiratory Spray.

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