Saint Louis Brass - "In Concert" (DVD)

Saint Louis Brass - "In Concert" (DVD)

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Dance Suite #2                        Praetorius
                                        arr. Allan Dean

Arias                                James DeMars

Aesop's Fables                   Anthony Plog
      The Lion and the Fox
      The Monkey King
      The Two Friends
      The Fox and the Billy Goat

Sweet Georgia Brown     Bernie/Pinkard
                                       arr. Joey Sellers

Salterello                              Anonymous
                                        arr. Allan Dean

"Spanish Folksongs"      Manuel de Falla
                                        arr. Allan Dean

Tango!                             Astor Piazzolla
                                        arr. Allan Dean
      El Penultimo
      Adios Nonino

Divertimento for Neglected (?)
      Musical (?)  Instruments (?)      Wayne Scott

Tribute to Pops                     Joey Sellers
       Hello Dolly - Basin Street Blues
       Struttin' with Some Barbecue
       What A Wonderful World
       Mack the Knife

    + Bonus features: 
               Master Class
               Partial Children’s Concert