Piper methysticum, Wld/Naturally Farmed from Fiji

Use 5-10 drops, 1-2 dropperfuls or as much as a
teaspoon at a time. Dose frequency could be 1-2
times or several times a day as desired. Generally
best to start with less before increasing dose. For
acute situations use larger doses more frequently for
a few days. For chronic or mild conditions or for long-
term use, take smaller doses only once or twice a day.
Inform your health practitioner about herbal products
you use. Do not use herbal products to replace
necessary care by a qualified physician.

Avoid during pregnancy, nursing and some kinds of
depression. Not recommended for more than 3
months without medical advice. It could increase the
effect of alcohol, barbiturates and some drugs used
for psychological treatment and has the potential to
affect motor reflexes and judgment when driving or
operating heavy machinery.

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