CYCLE WISDOM with Molly Eames

  • On Tuesday January 31st from 6:30-7:30p Molly Eames will be back to share another dose of Cycle Wisdom. During this class with Molly you will learn how to track + connect to your cycle in a holistic way. We will cover how to track your cycle, the four phases of your cycle and best ways to support your body through each phase in relation to the foods you eat, movement, productivity, and sex. 

    Molly Eames, M.Ed believes talking about sex will change the world. She brings over a decade of experience working in sexual health as a sex therapist, educator and coach. Molly empowers women to start exploring their sexuality through a trauma-informed lens by offering comprehensive sexuality education blended with spirituality and soul work.

    After this class, Molly will be sharing a Mother & Daughter Cycle Wisdom series starting in February. More information coming soon! Stay tuned! 

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