Cheryl combined Elderberry, Rose Buds & Petals, Cinnamon Bark, and Stevia Leaf to create this warm, rosy combination that's ultra smooth-tasting with a delicate sweetness.  This tea may be enjoyed any time but is particularly soothing during Winter.  Apart from its pleasant aroma and taste, the herbs in it offer certain medicinal advantages for the cold and flu season.

ELDERBERRY helps induce sweating when we’re feverish and has been shown to be effective against many kinds of influenza viruses.

ROSE BUDS & PETALS are helpful with inflammation of the respiratory tract, sore throats, and coughs.

CINNAMON BARK assists with colds, flu, congested sinuses, and bronchitis.

STEVIA LEAF has been shown to be antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antiviral.

So, on a Winter’s eve, relax in front of the fire with a sweet cup of Cheryl’s Tea or drink cups throughout the day if under the weather with cold or flu.

A gently diluted cup (1/2 tsp steeped for 4-5 minutes for very young children); a stronger cup for adults (1 heaping tsp steeped for 12 -15 minutes). 

Please avoid use if pregnant or diabetic.

SOURCES:  Matthew Wood’s The Earthwise Herbal, A Complete Guide to Old World Medicinal Plants; Leslie Taylor’s The Healing Power of Rainforest Herbs


Elderberry, Sambucus nigra/canadensis, organic

Safe to consume when used appropriately.

Rose Bud & Petal, Rosa centifolia, organic

Safe to consume when used appropriately.

Cinnamon Bark, Cinnamomum cassia, organic

Avoid during pregnancy. May lower blood sugar.  Use with caution if diabetic and monitor blood sugar levels.  Not for long-term use; do not exceed recommended dose. Standard Dose: 2.0 to 4.0 grams of Cinnamon bark as tea.

Stevia Herb, Stevia rebaudiana, organic

May lower blood sugar.  Use with caution if diabetic and monitor blood sugar levels.  Avoid use with low blood pressure and with high blood pressure medication.  (These cautions refer to doses higher than what is used for sweetening purposes).

This product is certified organic.

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