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 Eleutherococcus senticosus, wild crafted, USA / China  

Distilled Water, Grain Spirits(~26% by Vol.), Vegetable Glycerin

Eleuthero is a widely studied adaptogenic herb boasting more scientific studies than any other herb.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it was used to prevent cold, flu, and other respiratory infections. Beyond that, it strives to protect us against the negative effects of stress in general.  As Donald Yance writes in  his book, Adaptogens in Medical Herbalism, "more so than any other adaptogenic agent [eleuthero] displays a normalizing effect regardless of physiological abnormalities."  Eleuthero supports homeostasis - helping to keep the systems of the body functioning within normal parameters.  It can assist, for example, in normalizing blood pressure and blood sugar levels. 

Much is known about this herb and its healthy effects upon the body.   

Rarely, Eleuthero can overstimulate sensitive people. Avoid during hypertension, but some authorities disagree with this caution. Avoid use with the cardiac medication digoxin.

Sources:  David Winston's Adaptogens, Herbs for Strength, Stamina, and Stress Relief; Donald Yance's Adaptogens in Medical Herbalism.

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