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Common Name: Birch (Sweet) Essential Oil

Synonyms:  B. capinefolia, cherry birch, southern birch, mahogony birch, mountain mahogany

Latin Binomial: Betula lenta

Family: Betulaceae

Production Method: steam distillation of bark

Countries of Origin: Canada and USA (mailnly Pennsylvania)


Description of Oil: Colorless, pale yellow or red tinted with a sweet woody, refreshing scent.

Description of Plant: Large woodland tree distinguished by catkins (slim cylindrical flower clusters).They have slim downward pointing brancheswith serrated oval leaves.

History, Folklore and Myth: Centuries old medicinal wine has been from the sap with a link to warding off evil spirits. It's main chemical ingredient gives asparin indicating pain relieving properties.

Properties and Uses: A stimulant, and diuretic. Birch also has analgesic, anti-inflammatory,antiseptic, rubefacient, and detoxifying actions.

Precautions and Contraindications: Possible skin irritatant when undiluted.

Other Interesting  Information: The layer just under the bark has been stipped and eaten like vermicelli in the spring.

Betula lenta
Steam Distilled

Potentially toxic. Use sparingly and highly diluted. Should not be used when pregnant/lactating or by children or babies.


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