Your favorite products on the go!  Try some of our favorite products in smaller sizes. 

Foam Soap (55ml) - Our foaming hand soap consists of essential oils of Bulgarian Lavender, Orange, Lemongrass, and Lemon diluted in Distilled water, Decyl poyglucose, Vegetable glycerin, and pure Grain alcohol.  With its light, refreshing aroma, this soap sanitizes and moisturizes leaving hands clean, soft, and feeling confident to touch our covid world.

Lavender Soap and Shampoo (2oz) - Lavender is a sure thing for anybody in any situation.  This fresh, delightful herbaceous scent pleases men and ladies alike.  

Tea Tree Soap and Shampoo (2oz) - Whenever skin and scalp demands extra attention or when you need more cleaning power, Tea Tree Soap and Shampoo is the perfect choice. The amazing power and gentleness of Tea Tree contributes to it being one of the most highly regarded agents for maintaining healthy skin.

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