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Common Name: Grapefruit

Latin Binomial: Citrus paradisi

Family: Rutaceae

Production Method: Cold Pressed

Countries of Origin: USA

Description of Oil: pale yellow to clear, fresh, sweet, citrus odor

Description of Plant: A large, vigorous, glossy–leaved tree with white flowers and light yellow to orange fruits.

History, Folklore and Myth: Named ‘shaddock fruit’ after Captain Shaddock who introduced it to the West Indies.  In 1930, the commercial production of the essential oil began in Florida.

Properties and Uses: antidepressant, antiseptic, detoxifier, stimulant, uplifting tonic

Precautions and Contraindications: Avoid old or oxidized oils.  Maximum dermal use level 4%.

Other Interesting Information: Grapefruit is the only citrus species native to the New World.

Citrus paradisi
Naturally Farmed
Cold Pressed

Grapefruit Essential Oil Profile

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