CLASSICAL CHINESE HERBAL FORMULAS Are Now Available at Cheryl's Herbs We are pleased to announce the availability of these custom made tinctures. The need for such products is evident due to shortcomings in quality and concentration of patent formulas from China. Red Sage's exclusive, highly effective Classical Chinese Herbal Formulas are based on thousands of […]

Forms of Herbs


QUESTION: What form of an herb is the most effective, tea, capsules or liquid extract? ANSWER: This answer depends on several factors. One of the factors is you. Are you willing to make a tea? Clean up is involved after preparing tea, you will have to taste the herb and possibly have to drink the […]

by   Cheryl & Jeff Hoard       Knowledge is vital in the successful use of herbs for health and well-being. It is best to consult your health practitioner first before using herbs. It wouldn’t be wise, for instance to take Saw Palmetto Berry (respected by the mainstream medical community) for treating enlarged prostate […]