Years ago when I lived in Wisconsin, I frequented a well-known Madison co-op which was conveniently located on my walk home each day. It was a throwback, hippie sort of place complete with dusty old wood floors, a store cat and a collection of questionable vegetables, which were supposed to be organic and somehow better […]

by Ingrid Petres   We encounter harmful germs and bacteria on a daily basis. It’s important, as the cold and flu season is upon us, to understand how we can boost our immune systems in order to prevent becoming sick.  General lifestyle changes to help maintain a healthy immune system: Wash your hands frequently Buy a […]

by   Cheryl Hoard     There are quite a few herbs which support proper blood sugar levels as well as soothe other symptoms or related conditions of diabetes.   Lapacho, also known as Pau D’Arco a famous rain forest herb, has reportedly been used successfully for diabetes. While not citing any research studies for […]