We are pleased to announce that Cheryl’s Herbs will sponsor a 300-hour advanced aromatherapy certification course. The class, Aromatic Scholars(formerly known as 201: Masters Apprenticeship) is offered by The School for Aromatic Studies (formerly East West School of Herbal and Aromatic Studies) (www.theida.com) and will be taught by Kathy Klug, Registered Aromatherapist.

By Amelia E. Stone, RN   Common Name: Ylang Ylang Latin Binomial: Cananga odorata Family: Annonaceae Other Common Names: Cananga Oil, ilang ilang Production Method: distillation, fractional distillation Countries of Origin: Indonesia Typical Constituents: Linalool (13.6%), Geranyl acetate (5.3%), Caryophyllene (1.7%), p-Cresyl metyl ether (16.5%), Methyl benzoate (8.7%), Benzyl acetate (25.1%), Benzyl benzoate (2.2%), other […]

by Amelia E. Stone, RN   Common Name: Frankincense Latin Binomial: Boswellia frereana Family: Burseraceae Other Common Names: Olibanum Production Method: Steam distilled Countries of Origin: Somalia Typical Constituents: α-Pinene (41-80.0%), Sabinene (0.5-21.0%), α-Thujene (0-19.3%), [+]-Limonene (0-17.0%), Viridiflorol (0-15.2%), ρ-Cymene (0.7-11.7%), b-Pinene (0-6.9%), Verbenone (0-6.5%), b-Myrcene (0-6.0%), α-Phellandrene (0-5.9%), Bornyl acetate(0-5.6%), Carvone (0-4.4%), δ-3-Carene (0-3.4%), […]

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  Paw Gep's Favorite Lip Balm 'nuff said.     Paw Gep's Hand Sanitizer   An ounce of protection is worth a pound of cure and is much easier to carry in your pocket or purse!   PAW GEP'S AMAZING AROMATIC BALM Contains the essential oils of Camphor (White Fraction), Wintergreen, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Cinnamon Leaf, […]

**If you're looking for a certain herb or oil, use the find function of your browser by pressing ctrl+ f on windows, or command+f on mac**   We do not recommend the internal use of any Essential Oils or Absolutes. Never use essential oils as a substitute for necessary medical care. Always consult a qualified […]

by   Marie Temmen   Common Name: May Chang Latin Binomial: Litsea cubeba Family: Lauraceae Other Common Names: Exotic verbena, tropical verbena (not related to lemon verbena). Part Used: Litsea cubeba is obtained from the small pepper shaped fruits which resemble peppers. Production Method: Oil is obtained by steam distillation. Countries of Origin: China is […]

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