While we don't sell fresh herbs, many customers will come in with questions about processing their own herbs that they grew in their garden. Some of the reasons to dry your fresh herbs are: Increased longevity of the herb, protection from mold/yeast, and the satisfaction of knowing where it came from.

by Amelia E. Hoard, RN   Common Name: Cajeput Synonyms: cajuput, white tea tree, swamp tea tree, punk tree, paperbark tree, M. minor Latin Binomial: Melaleuca cajeputi Family: Myrtaceae Production Method: Steam distilled from the fresh leaves and twigs. Countries of Origin: Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Java, Australia and south east Asia Typical Constituents: […]

by Amelia E. Hoard, RN   Common Name: Black Pepper Synonyms: Piper, pepper Latin Binomial: Piper nigrum L. Family: Piperaceae Production Method: steam distilled, an oleoresin is also made by solvent extraction. Countries of Origin: India, Indoesia, Malaysia, China, and Madagasgar Typical Constituents: b-Caryophyllene (9.4-30.9%), [+]-Limonene (16.4-24.4), a-Pinene (1.1-16.2%), d-3-Carene (tr-15.5%), b-Pinene (4.9-14.3%), Sabinene (0.1-13.8%), […]

It's important to stay cool in these warm months. Remembering to stay hydrated is the single most important thing one can do to stay healthy and active when the sun is beating down. What else? Well…


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