QUESTION: I am looking for a natural way to help my mother. Her doctors think she has Parkinson’s Disease but they aren’t sure. She has tremors in both of her hands, and everyday activities are becoming more difficult for her. Can you recommend some natural products that she can try? The drugs that her doctors […]

by Cheryl Hoard  I am frequently asked questions about alternatives to Hormone Replacement Therapy. The use of herbs, essential oils and hydrosols gives more options to adapt to changes during menopause. Herbalism is most effective when used in a holistic approach, which is integration of the body, mind and spirit. Changes during menopause happen not […]

RED CLOVER BLOSSOM (Trifolium pratense)   Excerpted from: New Menopausal Years The Wise Woman Way By Susun Weed  “Red Clover is everything you thought soy would be, with none of soy’s drawbacks.  Instead of leaching minerals from the bones, Red Clover contributes generously to bone health.  Instead of disturbing the thyroid, Red Clover helps normalize […]

BURDOCK ROOT (Arctium lappa)   Excerpted from: The Earthwise Herbal, A Complete Guide to Old World Medicinal Plants By Matthew Wood  “Burdock Root is bitter, sweet, and oily, and therefore well suited to dry/atrophic conditions where there is a need to increase secretions, tissue feeding, and tissue cleansing.  The bitters stimulate secretion in the digestive […]

LICORICE ROOT (Glycyrrhiza glabra) 11/2/14 CHERYL’S HERBS OFFERS: Licorice Root cut Licorice Root powder Licorice Root liquid extract Licorice Root glycerin extract   Excerpted from: Herbal Tonic Therapies By Daniel B. Mowrey “To the Chinese, there is no other herb that acts on such a grand scale except, perhaps, Ginseng. But the Chinese include Licorice […]