Top Ten Things to Know About Aromatherapy 1) Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils and their hydrosols for health and well-being.   2) Essential oils are used in inhalations and skin applications.   3) Essential oils effect the physical body and the mind.   4) Essential oils must be diluted before applying to the […]

Weight Loss


QUESTION: I am interested in trying to lose the 35 or so pounds I have gained due to a back injury. I have tried over-the-counter type diet pills but they don’t really do anything for me. There are just to many web sites that are trying to sell the so-called ‘easy way’ to lose weight, […]

QUESTION: I just received a note from somebody claiming that thyme essential oil is a treatment for anthrax. Can you comment? I hope all are well back in St. Louis. ANSWER: Thank you for your email about Thyme Essential Oil and anthrax. I would never claim something like Thyme Essential Oil is a treatment for […]

Question: Would you have any information or know of any book that would explain how to use Thuja for trigeminal neuralgia? The PDR for herbal medicines lists Thuja as a treatment for this. I can’t find out much more about it. Any help would be appreciated. Answer: While only slightly familiar with trigeminal neuralgia I […]

Standardized Oils


QUESTION: What is the difference between standardized and regular lemon verbena? ANSWER: We offer standardized essential oils sometimes as alternatives for the more expensive oils like Lemon Verbena and especially Melissa. Standardized means the chemical constituents have been altered in various ways. Sometimes these standardized oils are called “Nature Identical”. Sometimes they are altered with […]



QUESTION: Is there a way to treat rhinitis in a 6-year old with herbs? ANSWER: There are herbal ways to deal with rhinitis and allergies. There are herbs that are specific for respiratory complaints which can be effective and safe for a 6 year old to use. We have found that what seems to help […]