Fibroid Tumors


Question: I have fibrous tumors in my uterus and on my ovaries. Have you researched this area at all? If you have, I was wondering if you could direct me because I understand that short of surgery there is no remedy. I was wondering if you have come across an herbal remedy. Answer: There are […]

by Cheryl Hoard     Common Name Ginseng   Latin Binomial Panax quinquefolium (American) Panax ginseng (Asian)   Family Araliaceae   Other Common Names True Ginseng, Five Fingers, Tartar Root, Red Berry, Man’s Health, Ren Shen, Man Root, Finger Root   Parts Used Root   Uses Ginseng is taken to improve stamina and concentration, for […]

by Marie Temmen   Common name: Clary Sage Latin binomial: Salvia sclarea Plant family: Labiatae History/folklore: Clary sage has an interesting history that reveals itself in the names which were applied to this plant. Medieval authors called the herb “clear eye” and considered it beneficial in healing visual problems. The name “clary” is derived from […]

by Jeffrey S. Hoard   Common Name: Anise, Anise Seed, Aniseed Latin Binomial: Pimpinella anisum Family: Apiaceae (Umbelliferae) Other Common Names: Anisum officinalis, Anisum vulgare Part Used: Seeds, dried and crushed. Production Method: Steam distillation. Countries of Origin: Native to the eastern Mediterranean region and Southwest Asia. Poland and Russia are among the largest producers of Aniseed oil from locally […]

By   Cheryl Hoard     There are so many things to which we can become addicted. As is often the case with a natural approach, the same herbs and essential oils can be helpful for the various difficult moments associated with recovery from all kinds of addictions. Addictions to cigarettes, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, unhealthy […]

by Cheryl Hoard  I am frequently asked questions about alternatives to Hormone Replacement Therapy. The use of herbs, essential oils and hydrosols gives more options to adapt to changes during menopause. Herbalism is most effective when used in a holistic approach, which is integration of the body, mind and spirit. Changes during menopause happen not […]

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