by Amelia E. Stone, RN   Common Name: Frankincense Latin Binomial: Boswellia frereana Family: Burseraceae Other Common Names: Olibanum Production Method: Steam distilled Countries of Origin: Somalia Typical Constituents: α-Pinene (41-80.0%), Sabinene (0.5-21.0%), α-Thujene (0-19.3%), [+]-Limonene (0-17.0%), Viridiflorol (0-15.2%), ρ-Cymene (0.7-11.7%), b-Pinene (0-6.9%), Verbenone (0-6.5%), b-Myrcene (0-6.0%), α-Phellandrene (0-5.9%), Bornyl acetate(0-5.6%), Carvone (0-4.4%), δ-3-Carene (0-3.4%), […]

by   Marie Temmen   Common Name: Tea Tree (or Ti Tree) Latin Binomial: Melaleuca alternifolia Family: Myrtaceæ Part Used: Leaves Extraction Method: Steam Distillation Country of Origin: Australia Tea Tree essential oil is currently one of the most popular of the essential oils. Herb stores, aromatherapy catalogues, cosmetic counters and drug stores abound with […]

by Laurel Redmon, M.S., L.Ac. Dipl. Ac.,C.H   Flu shots may afford many a sense of security this time of year.  Those with a mind toward holistic and preventive health, however, can easily see that many more genuine and effective measures can be taken to protect ourselves, families and loved ones.   Frankly, herbal remedies […]

by Cheryl Hoard   On this subject I feel compelled to speak from my own perspective. My husband is teasing me at this moment, suggesting I write an article about the stress of writing an article about stress. At times in my life I have taken on quite a lot of responsibilities resulting in huge […]

by   Cheryl Hoard     There are quite a few herbs which support proper blood sugar levels as well as soothe other symptoms or related conditions of diabetes.   Lapacho, also known as Pau D’Arco a famous rain forest herb, has reportedly been used successfully for diabetes. While not citing any research studies for […]

I was initially introduced to aromatic salt scrubs while studying with Cheryl Hoard in the aromatherapy 101 course years ago. I learned that they offer the skin a radiant glow and stimulate circulation of the blood and lymph. They are tolerated by all but the most sensitive skin types. I cannot take credit for the […]