by Amelia E. Hoard, RN   Common Name: Birch (Sweet) Essential Oil Synonyms:  B. capinefolia, cherry birch, southern birch, mahogony birch, mountain mahogany Latin Binomial: Betula lenta Family: Betulaceae Production Method: steam distillation of bark Countries of Origin: Canada and USA (mailnly Pennsylvania) Typical Constituents: Methyl salicylate (90.4%), Ethyl salicylate (5.5%),  Linalyl acetate (1.1%) Description […]

by Ingrid Petres   We encounter harmful germs and bacteria on a daily basis. It’s important, as the cold and flu season is upon us, to understand how we can boost our immune systems in order to prevent becoming sick.  General lifestyle changes to help maintain a healthy immune system: Wash your hands frequently Buy a […]