Question: I am desperately trying to avoid giving my 9 year old Ritalin for ADHD. Her behavior, impulsiveness and distractibility have caused all facets of her life to suffer. Of course the “mental health” professionals have an easy answer, a little green pill twice a day. We have switched to a whole foods diet but […]

by Cheryl Hoard     Common Name Ginseng   Latin Binomial Panax quinquefolium (American) Panax ginseng (Asian)   Family Araliaceae   Other Common Names True Ginseng, Five Fingers, Tartar Root, Red Berry, Man’s Health, Ren Shen, Man Root, Finger Root   Parts Used Root   Uses Ginseng is taken to improve stamina and concentration, for […]

Years ago when I lived in Wisconsin, I frequented a well-known Madison co-op which was conveniently located on my walk home each day. It was a throwback, hippie sort of place complete with dusty old wood floors, a store cat and a collection of questionable vegetables, which were supposed to be organic and somehow better […]

by   Cheryl & Jeff Hoard       Knowledge is vital in the successful use of herbs for health and well-being. It is best to consult your health practitioner first before using herbs. It wouldn’t be wise, for instance to take Saw Palmetto Berry (respected by the mainstream medical community) for treating enlarged prostate […]

by Cheryl Hoard   From a holistic point of view, many herbal remedies could be used for depression because the physical body, psychological state and spirit are all connected to produce the whole person and all of those parts have also created the disease. Every case of depression is very unique and the successful treatment […]

by Cheryl Hoard   There are a lot of us allergy sufferers out there! An estimated 30 million in this country deal with hay fever. Another 12 million experience allergies to food, drugs and bee stings. Other conditions like asthma and eczema are sometimes linked to allergies. We tend to blame dust, mold, pollen and […]