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Plants of the Bible

March 04, 2015

by Cheryl Hoard   The story of the plants of Biblical lands is better understood when we appreciate what a significant region this has been since before the earliest written record. This area, known as the Fertile Crescent is the meeting point of the African, Asian, and European continents and has commanded a huge role […]

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Fibroid Tumors

November 12, 2014

Question: I have fibrous tumors in my uterus and on my ovaries. Have you researched this area at all? If you have, I was wondering if you could direct me because I understand that short of surgery there is no remedy. I was wondering if you have come across an herbal remedy. Answer: There are […]

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Natural Approach to Addiction Recovery

November 10, 2014

By   Cheryl Hoard     There are so many things to which we can become addicted. As is often the case with a natural approach, the same herbs and essential oils can be helpful for the various difficult moments associated with recovery from all kinds of addictions. Addictions to cigarettes, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, unhealthy […]

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Herbal Information Sheet: Nettle, Leaf, Root, & Seed

November 08, 2014

NETTLE LEAF, ROOT, AND SEED (Urtica dioica)                                                                                                                     Excerpted from: Healing Wise By Susun Weed  NETTLE LEAF  “Nettle leaves are gentle enough for an everyday nourishing brew and powerful enough to heal damaged tissue.  Kidneys, lungs, intestines, and arteries are tonified, strengthened, and gradually altered toward optimum functioning with consistent use of Nettle, freshly cooked […]

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