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Herbal Information Sheet: Lobelia

February 22, 2018

LOBELIA (Lobelia inflata)                                             Excerpted from:  The Book of Herbal Wisdom, Using Plants as Medicines By Matthew Wood   “Herbs are so darn peculiar!  I have long enjoyed the homeopathic model. By placing the […]

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Fall Favorites and Must Haves!

September 22, 2016

The leaves are changing and it's getting a tad bit chillier! Fall is here! Keep your nose clear, your allergies at bay, and warm tea in your cup! We've crafted a list of some must have herbs and products for this Fall season! 


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Essential Oil Profile: Cinnamon (Bark)

July 09, 2016

by Amelia E. Hoard, RN Common Name: Cinnamon (Bark) Synonyms: Cinnamomum verum J. Presl. Latin Binomial: Cinnamomum zeylanicum Blume Family: Lauracea Production Method: steam or water distillation with cohabitation Countries of Origin: Native to Sri Lanka, India, and Southeast Asia Typical Constituents: [E]-Cinnmaldehyde (63.1-75.7%), Eugenol (2.0-13.3%), [E]-Cinnamyl acetate (0.3-10.6%), Linalool (0.2-7.0%), b-Caryophyllene (1.3-5.8%), r-Cymene (1.7-2.5%), […]

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Essential Oil Profile: Cajeput

June 14, 2016

by Amelia E. Hoard, RN   Common Name: Cajeput Synonyms: cajuput, white tea tree, swamp tea tree, punk tree, paperbark tree, M. minor Latin Binomial: Melaleuca cajeputi Family: Myrtaceae Production Method: Steam distilled from the fresh leaves and twigs. Countries of Origin: Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Java, Australia and south east Asia Typical Constituents: […]

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Essential Oil Profile: Birch (Sweet)

June 14, 2016

by Amelia E. Hoard, RN   Common Name: Birch (Sweet) Essential Oil Synonyms:  B. capinefolia, cherry birch, southern birch, mahogony birch, mountain mahogany Latin Binomial: Betula lenta Family: Betulaceae Production Method: steam distillation of bark Countries of Origin: Canada and USA (mailnly Pennsylvania) Typical Constituents: Methyl salicylate (90.4%), Ethyl salicylate (5.5%),  Linalyl acetate (1.1%) Description […]

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Essential Oil Profile: Bay

June 14, 2016

by Amelia E. Hoard, RN   Common Name: Bay Synonyms: laurel, bay sweet, true bay, Mediterranean bay, and West Indian bay Latin Binomial: Laurus nobilis Family: Lauraceae Production Method: steam distillation of leaves and branchlets Countries of Origin: Southwest Asia, Mediterranean region, West India Typical Constituents: Eugenol (44.4-56.2%), b-Myrcene (6.4-25.0%), Chavicol (9.3-21.6%), Linalool (1.7-6.0%), [+]-Limonene […]

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Herbal Survival Guide: Winter

December 26, 2015

A small collection of recipes, articles, and products to make this winter an easier experience on us all.


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December 10, 2015

HERBS & ESSENTIAL OILS FOR SARS   By   Cheryl Hoard   As one physician put it in a recent national television interview about Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), now is the time to "live well". This doctor describes living well as eating wholesome foods, exercise and stop smoking. A few weeks before this TV […]

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Maria’s Fall Product Spotlight

October 08, 2015

A small collection of products that our Production Manager, Maria Roderick and our employees hold as their must have during the changing of the seasons. Focus Liquid Extract Combo Useful for students getting back in the swing of things at school. This formula is supportive for maintaining excellence in school and work environments. The herbs in […]

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Plants of the Bible

March 04, 2015

by Cheryl Hoard   The story of the plants of Biblical lands is better understood when we appreciate what a significant region this has been since before the earliest written record. This area, known as the Fertile Crescent is the meeting point of the African, Asian, and European continents and has commanded a huge role […]

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Essential Oil Profile: May Chang

February 27, 2015

By Amelia E. Stone, RN   Common Name:  May Chang Latin Binomial:  Litsea cubeba Family:  Lauraceae Other Common Names: Exotic Verbena, Tropical Verbena, Pheasant pepper tree Production Method: Steam Distilled Countries of Origin: China Typical Constituents: Geranial (37.9- 40.6%), Neral (25.5-33.8%), [+]-Limonene (8.4-22.6%), Methyl heptenone (0.5-4.4%), b-Myrcene (0.5-3.0%), Linalool (1.2-1.7%), Geraniol (0.5-1.6%), Sabinene (0.1-1.6%), Linalyl […]

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Essential Oil Profile: Fir (Balsam)

February 24, 2015

By Amelia E. Stone, RN   Common Name: Fir (Balsam) Latin Binomial: Abies balsamea Family: Pinaceae Other Common Names: blister or balm-of-Gilead fir, eastern fir or Canada balsam Production Method: steam distilled Countries of Origin: Canada Typical Constituents: b-Pinene (28.1-56.1%), δ-3-Carene (0-27.3%), Bornyl acetate (4.9-16.2%), α-Pinene (6.2-14.3%), [+]-Limonene (1.8-15.6%), b-Phellandrene (4.4-12.6%), Camphene (3.5-9.7%), α + […]

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