A small collection of products that our Production Manager, Maria Roderick and our employees hold as their must have during the changing of the seasons. Focus Liquid Extract Combo Useful for students getting back in the swing of things at school. This formula is supportive for maintaining excellence in school and work environments. The herbs in […]

By Amelia E. Stone, RN   Common Name: Fir (Balsam) Latin Binomial: Abies balsamea Family: Pinaceae Other Common Names: blister or balm-of-Gilead fir, eastern fir or Canada balsam Production Method: steam distilled Countries of Origin: Canada Typical Constituents: b-Pinene (28.1-56.1%), δ-3-Carene (0-27.3%), Bornyl acetate (4.9-16.2%), α-Pinene (6.2-14.3%), [+]-Limonene (1.8-15.6%), b-Phellandrene (4.4-12.6%), Camphene (3.5-9.7%), α + […]

by Amelia E. Stone, RN   Common Name: Melissa Latin Binomial: Melissa officinalis Family: Lamiaceae or Labiatae Other Common Names: Lemon balm, balm, common balm, bee balm Production Method: steam-distilled Countries of Origin: Bulgaria Typical Constituents: Geranial (12.5-38.3%), Neral (9.7-26.1%), b-Caryophyllene (0.3-19.1%), Citronellal (4.5-13.3%), Germacrene D (0-13.0%), Caryophyllene oxide (0.8-10.0%), Geraniol (1.0-8.1%),                  [E]-b-Ocimene (0-4.9%), Neryl […]

Native Collection


  Our national heritage includes our native plant species. Only a few hundred years ago our land was teeming with handsome plants which supported vast varieties of native insects, birds and other animals. People from all over the world have come to live in this land now, bringing with them plants from their home countries. […]

Paw Gep Products


  Paw Gep's Favorite Lip Balm 'nuff said.     Paw Gep's Hand Sanitizer   An ounce of protection is worth a pound of cure and is much easier to carry in your pocket or purse!   PAW GEP'S AMAZING AROMATIC BALM Contains the essential oils of Camphor (White Fraction), Wintergreen, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Cinnamon Leaf, […]

Question: Would you have any information or know of any book that would explain how to use Thuja for trigeminal neuralgia? The PDR for herbal medicines lists Thuja as a treatment for this. I can’t find out much more about it. Any help would be appreciated. Answer: While only slightly familiar with trigeminal neuralgia I […]