EVENT: 10th Annual Goddess Gathering

January 21, 2017

Each attendee will receive a personal channeled 2016 spiritual reading from Cynde Meyer, spiritual psychic. In addition, each person will draw an individual Goddess card for 2016, giving them insight and lighting the way for greater success and personal mastery this year.



January 28, 2017  – 

Creating a Feng Shui Vision Board allows you to laser into Nine Areas of
your life, helping you create a NEW VISION. 2017 numerologically, is all
about leadership in your life, and having a new vision.

In addition, each attendee will draw a Goddess Card, and this Goddess
will be your Helper/Guide during 2017. Cynde Meyer will answer via
Spirit, one question from each of the attendees.

Powerful Networking with fellow goddesses (and some amazing men who
understand the wisdom of the Goddess) occurs. Connections of the highest
order occur at these events.

The Goddess Gift Exchange happens at the end of this wonderful day. When
you leave this gathering, your heart is open, you have your Fabulous
Feng Shui Vision Board for 2017, received a message from Spirit for
2017, your Card with the Goddess guiding you this year, and a gift from
a fellow goddess with the energy of the day!

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